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Nature’s Little Recycler Indiegogo Campaign October 8, 2012

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Nature’s Little Recycler Indiegogo Campaign

 Our motto is “Bringing Nature and High Tech Together”.  At our core, we are seeking to develop green ways to live that allow us to pursue our dreams.  We do not want to look back to a mythical past, but rather look forward to a future that is developing into an amazing and evolutionary time.  Instead of discarding our increasingly powerful technological society, we are going to find ways to bring our desire for a green civilization into our modern culture.  As we develop, we will find ways to sustain our society, creating a richer, prosperous world for our people, our culture and our civilization.

Paganics is a name coined by Maryann Kay to represent the economics of the countryside.  This term is used to explain our basic concept of protecting and integrating our green spaces, while trying to save our society from inevitable excesses. In a world where everything is becoming a commodity, including clean air, water, earth, and fire, it is important that we recognize that the green world and its inherent natural technology are extremely valuable. Creating a synthesis with our daily lives is what Paganics, as a company for the next century, is all about.

Our first project, Vermiculture or Earthworm Cultivation, is a crucial step and the first building block towards our goal.  Earthworms are a major part of the earth’s living ecosystem, providing nutrients, aeration and composting for the soil from which everything grows. They are master shredders that can convert any organic material into rich compost. By consuming and then eliminating the waste product, they produce a material fundamental to the growing cycle. In a society with a huge accumulation of trash, topsoil deterioration, and basic nutritional needs lacking, Earthworm Cultivation is the bridge that can solve many aspects of these issues.  And as it solves these problems in a natural and green way, it can also provide jobs and new income for a lot of people. 

From the products of our Vermiculture project, we can provide composted soil for urban farms, greenhouses, and even large scale farms. We can offer natural products such as organic fertilizers and pesticides to growers.  We can provide proteins and omega-3 oils to aquaculture and animal tenders of all kinds.  Vermiculture offers opportunities for growth into multi-billion dollar industries by implementing an organic and green alternative to all aspects of agricultural and animal production.

We envision a more natural solution that can be augmented by modern technology to solve problems for existing industries, and that can be made more sustainable. This first step represents the kinds of projects that the Paganics Company plans to develop.  We begin with something as simple and yet amazing as the Earthworm to build a foundation for a progressive company and a greener world. This is what Paganics stands for.

Social Media for Pagans: Pull Strategy March 6, 2012

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How to draw traffic to your sites, through using Social Media. Using a Pull strategy by using quality content.

The Young Witches of Salem to Host Press Conference July 12, 2011

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Salem, Massachusetts aka The Witch City is known for its historic past of Witch Trials, Maritime strength, and a place in helping create American history. Starting this fall, this energy to still make history, is driving the creation of the reality show, The Young Witches of Salem, a series focusing on the several young adults seeking to learn, work, and live as working Witches in the 21st Century. As part of the roll-out, The Young Witches of Salem will be hosting a Press Conference and public meet and greet on July 13th, 2011, 3 pm at Gulu-Gulu Café , Salem, Ma. Present to offer what the show is all about will be executive producer, Ed Hubbard, and several of the cast members. It will be the first chance to explore the world of The Young Witches.

The core of the show will be about a circle of five young adults, thrust into leadership and public light as part of the most public Pagan temple in America. They are working with the World of Witches Museum, where they work as ritualists, psychics, and tour guides. In order to learn the skills needed to do their job and be public Witches, they will meet and learn from Elders and teachers from across Salem and the USA. The series ends with the month-long Halloween street festival known as Haunted Happenings, which attracts over 500,000 people in search of witchcraft and haunting fun. The Young Witches will be sharing, demonstrating, and testing their skills during this amazing festival.

Just as Salem was the home of the first Long Distance Phone call, The Young Witches of Salem will be one of the first reality series built on the concept of transmedia. Transmedia story telling is based on using multiple platforms to tell the story and will use cutting edge technology, including clickable video, hyperlinked videos, social media connections and augmented reality pieces. The show will be produced by ClickVision.TV, in conjunction with Magick TV. With the first broadcast to begin on October 1st, 2011, the core of the show will be 14 weekly episodes.

To attend the Press Conference and Meet and Greet, join The Young Witches of Salem at Gulu-Gulu Café, 247 Essex Street, Salem, MA at 3:00 pm, July 13th. For more information, you can email Ed Hubbard, EdthePagan@aol.com, call at 978-594-1569 or visit TheYoungWitches.com. For production information, visit Clickvision.tv.

Why do Pagans think any Pagan needs to ask Permission to be in the Media? June 8, 2011

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I have come across a new phenomenon in the Pagan community in their perpetual quest for identity. It is a double standard that I find glaring. Here it is: Pagans as individuals and groups want to self-identify and have full control over their own explanations, yet demand that others in the community conform to an orthodoxy presented by our Pagan Media representatives.

I do not really get this. I consistently see that Pagans as groups and as individuals demand freedom of speech and religion in their practices, yet demand conformity and consensus in all other Pagan groups which use any form of public media platforms. It is as if it is okay to be individuals in and among ourselves, but we must form a solid wall of uniformity when dealing with the media. In fact, it is considered better to spurn, ridicule, and denigrate the media rather than allow them into the Pagan World. It seems it is actually something of a sin to work with media, if Pagans had sins.

In the case of media, every Pagan has a right to their own views. Each and every one of us, under the UN Human Rights Declaration, as well as national laws in some countries, have the right to present ourselves to the public, as long as we are willing to stand up for what we believe in. Everyone has a right to their opinion, their art, and their image as individuals, and collectively as chosen representatives of a specific group.

So I am shocked when any Pagan or Pagan group cuts through media noise, gets a big story, and then is immediately attacked by other Pagans, saying that this person or group does not represent us all, and therefore is illegitimate in all cases. These critics feel that the perpetrator of the story should be punished for speaking out; that if anyone speaks up for themselves, that they should have community consensus.

So I see a double standard has been created in which we each speak for ourselves individually, but we must gain some sort of consensus and approval of the community to address the mainstream media. How delightfully contradictory and such a wonderful source of drama and energy in our community this is.

So why do Pagans think media personalities should get permission from anyone in the community, as long as they are not mentioning anyone outside of their own groups. After all, we represent ourselves in our personal and spiritual lives, so why should we set aside our individuality in our public lives.

Since 1990, I have firmly believed that we needed our own press to tell our story. In the time since then, WSI Media has had many successful projects and in 2011, we developed an embryonic media network on a global level. We never asked permission to publish, to broadcast, or to be interviewed, when using our own materials. Simply put, that would be ridiculous because then we would be claiming we are speaking for everyone. But when we speak, we speak for ourselves.

I have believed in the concept that each Pagan or group represents themselves, and no one else. I would not and do not censor other groups or their message, or representatives. In fact, I consistently seek ways to get as many Pagans as possible to tell their own stories. From magazines, to radio shows, to videos, and events, each of these was always designed to allow individuals or groups to represent themselves in their own way.

Trying to keep the communication going, against all odds, has proven to be a difficult path. Yet it has been very rewarding as well. We have done hundreds of interviews and over a thousand radio broadcasts, always giving voice to as many Pagans as we had the resources for. This process continues to this day. At the core of all the media we do is the belief that Pagans can represent themselves and are always their own best spokespersons.

So I am perplexed by a community that recoils at the idea of a Pagan Reality Show, thinking that it somehow represents the entire community; that it could somehow damage them and their groups on a personal level. And because of that they seek to deny permission to producers of the show. They would never tolerate, even for a moment, such a restriction on themselves if imposed by the Pagan community. Yet they demand conformity of image, of message, and the words of our public media personalities. It is a striking double standard, and one that tears at our community.

I do understand that we all have a lot invested in our image and how we present ourselves to the public. Yet to show a sanitized community image against the hurly-burly diversity of the Pagan community is a lie that is hard to accept. So it always has been my belief that you are in control of your own press, and that you don’t need permission from anyone else. In return, no one needs yours to represent themselves. That is what makes Paganism a great faith, a faith that honors personal freedom and responsibility.

In closing, recognize that you have the right to represent your story as you choose, and respect that everyone has the same right. After all, there is no official Pagan news service, nor is there any way for us to find a consensus of our image. And we would not accept one if there was. So please, when demanding others not to represent you, remember they do have a right to represent themselves.


For Empire Avenue June 7, 2011

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I am playing Empire Avenue, and I am (e)WSI

This is my blog verification: {EAV_BLOG_VER:dd291e86a47cc7e2}

Witch School will be reactivating this Blog June 6, 2011

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Hi Everyone

We are working on reactivating this as a active blog.

Witch School Live Radio July 30, 2009

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This is our Blog Talk Radio

Next New Show, Monday – Friday NOON CST.

Witch School CEO Blog Moving April 2, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the midst of a major change, and I will be moving this blog and more to the new Witch School Site. It’s beta version is at WitchSchoolInternational.ning.com


Witches Flying into Salem, Mass. for Major Conference on Global Action March 20, 2009

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Witches from all over the globe are coming to Salem, Mass. aka “The Witch City” to discuss the future of the Witch School community. Rituals, Celebrations and serious business blend together for this conference. In homage to the Bewitched television series, this event will be hosted at the haunted Hawthorne hotel.

Salem, Mass.  March 19, 2009 — Witch School, the leading public educator of Wiccans, Witches, and Magick is bringing their international conference to Salem, Mass., AKA “The Witch City” on April 17th-19th, 2009. The Conference title “Pagans taking Global Action” will cover discussion of the Pagan Economy, the upcoming Parliament of World Religions, and involvement in Pagan Pride Days. There will be fun events as well, including ritual, handfastings (Pagan Weddings), and initiations. All together this conference will be about Witches, Wiccans, and their ideas about the world. While hosted in a city known for its Witch past, it will also be the city that helps Witch School explore their future.
In an homage to the Bewitched television series, where in June 1970 Witch Samantha Stephens was summoned to a Witches Council in Salem, using the Hawthorne Hotel as primary location, the Witch School Conference will also be hosted at the Hawthorne Hotel, allowing life to imitate art. While the conference deals with the serious issues facing the Wiccan community, this conference will also be filled with fun images that show the good things about Witches and with self-reflecting good humor.
Witch School will bring together Witches and Pagans from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, along with terrific speakers including Salem’s own Christian Day of the Festival of the Dead, M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell, Chancellor and First Priest of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, Angie Buchanan of Gaia’s Womb, Member of the Executive Council for a Parliament of World’s Religions, and Dagonet Dewr, Founder and Executive Director of Pagan Pride Project International, which is responsible for over 150 local events worldwide. In addition, Rev. Stephanie Neal will be presenting the Witch School International Volunteer Guild’s first annual meeting and an update on their projects. Many more presenters will help make this conference not just entertaining and useful, but a historic turning point for the Witch School Community.
A crucial discussion at Witch School Conference will be “Opening a Real-time Campus in Salem.” Leading members of Witch School will be deciding whether to move their International Headquarters to Salem from Rossville, Illinois where they are currently located. This would include Internet Operations, which runs the Witch School family of sites and Magick TV Studios, as well as live classes and conferences. This would mean adding positions to Witch School staff and jobs for the local economy.
This conference offers something for the simplest beginner or curious seeker, to new community members and seasoned veterans alike, to the leading elders focused on building the Pagan future. Salem, Mass. once again is living up to its name as “The Witch City”, and this gathering of Witches will call on Salem to help bring extra magick to this amazing event.
For more information, visit http://www.witchschool.com/salem.asp or call Witch School at 217-748-4078

Witch School International, is the premiere public educator of Wicca and Magick worldwide. WitchSchool.com, their flagship, has over 200,000 members in 74 countries studying online, with all the cutting edge tools of a modern university. They also operate Magick TV, an Internet television station, TarotCollege.com, and The Daily Spell ePaper.
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Why Salem? March 16, 2009

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Why Salem?

Salem, Mass. has the unique characteristic of being a town that is at once deeply bound in Christian Roots, as many of the churches will tell you, and at the same time, have one of the most famous aspects of Christian intolerance in the world. The Salem Witch Trials were such an atrocity that they continue to resonate to this day. By the scale of atrocities, it should have been a insignificant footnote in history, but the truth is that Christians kept it going as an example of inherent threat (we kill Witches) as well as what can happen when religion triumphs over the law. Today, this has become an important legacy in Salem, and as such it has helped to breed a Witch community in Salem. Sounds nutty to many people, but it is based on the theory lightning never strikes the same place twice.  In this case the lightning is that the Salem government will never again persecute people as Witches, even if they are self-identified and confessed as Witches. This grants the most amount of protection to Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans of any city anywhere in the world. This gives a foundation unlike any other to Salem, self-proclaimed Witch City.


This foundation of Witchery has been built up as a Halloween Festival, as well as Spring to Summer Tourism business. This does not inherently have anything directly to do with Witchcraft and magic but it seems those elements have blended deeply to create a “The Halloween Capital of the World”. This has allowed local Witches to take a liability and a stereotype, and rework it into a position of strength, to earn income form the world’s fascination with the Witch Story. It has allowed a local community to form and provide more for their own. They have created a stable Pagan community, focused around Witch power.

So this means that people who are open and out of the closet are able to function on a much higher level here than in other places in the world. They can find they can do business without general fear of being rejected as a Witch. Witches are in fact good people to business with in Salem. This means Pagan Businesses such as Witch School could find staff and help desperately needed for it’s growth.

Currently, I am heart sick that I cannot complete moving most of my operations to Salem at this time. The fact is, that we have seen a heavy downturn in membership fees, and can not risk a all out do-or-die project. Without sufficient backing, we are having a difficult time seeing our ability to expand, or move to Salem. We can not risk losing our core, reaching for a natural dream. This is a thorn in me, and one that I will continue to work to complete.

Why do I want Salem for Witch School?

Access to Personnel, the ability to hire people that can actually work for you and not have to hide the fact you work for Witch School. With Salem State College, and 18 miles to Boston, we have access to young and experienced talent for computers, websites, and other aspects of the business. This would help in so many different ways, and the most important is site growth and integration.

Access to Talent, Magick TV is ready to go on the air seven days a week. We have the understanding of using webcasting to better effect, and we have shows we want to develop. Having a stable studio with a deep talent pool of actors, actresses, journalists, and similar skills would allow us to expand on our growing site. Doing more online classes, live lectures, and having virtually every Pagan leader pass through would be a huge boon to the community and to us personally. I want Pagan Nightly News back.

Access to Product Manufacturers, by being in Salem we will have direct access to the market place, and product creation for the Pagan community. We can tap into talent and sales people from across the board. This will allows us to share with the community more products, and through an integrated program, sell these products year round through our participating merchants program and through our site. We want to expand our “Witches Home Shopping Cauldron Show” with live interviews with all types of manufacturers, sales people, and others who want their product seen globally.

Access to a Market, by being in Salem we can be part of a local market place that is global, and of course, we are already going global as a matter of mission. This allows us to market test products to people most likely willing to buy them. The concept of lifestyle products (from makeup, personal hygiene, scents, clothing as examples) has a distinct possibility of working within the Salem market. It works in both products coming into Salem as well as products moving out of Salem. There is no question that Salem could be the hub city of a Pagan World Market. With our contacts with Europe and South Africa, we could actually organize towards a higher and more profitable marketplace within the Pagan community.

Access to Space, is one of the local primary concerns in Salem. There is not a lot of rental space for conferences and classes, and this has limited growth locally. By us opening a center we would give access to local and national groups. Already I have offers for conferences from The Witches and Wizards Festival in July, The Correllian Lustration in April, The World Congress of Tarot in 2010, and dozens more have said they are interested. I can get them to sign agreements and sell tickets once I get clear on the space, and I have had a difficult time committing to the space without more signed agreements. I love circular problems because everyone loves to offer advice that feeds even further in to circular problem.

Access to Tourist Location, is very attractive as individuals will want to come to Witch School and other Wiccan based events and properties while offering a wider tourist vacation for family members who have less interest. Even if everyone is interested in Wiccan and Witch based events, by having access to a tourist-based community it expands the number of things to do exponentially. This makes it far more comfortable to attend events. The tourist business window is much larger than just October, and can be expanded to year round offerings. Certainly the natural April through October Window offers a lot of fun and enjoyment, while assuring a solid center for year round operation.

In closing, I believe Salem would make a perfect place to have Witch School International Headquarters. I also believe that Salem offers a lot to the Pagan community overall, not just in Salem but in their local community as well. Salem being a global name offers benefits to many groups, local, national, and internationally. That we would have the place to grow substantially in both quality and quantity of offerings on the web and off the web. We would get a lot better overall.

What keeps me is a simple gap of $25,000. It does not matter if it is a loan, line of credit, purchase of services, sales of memberships, etc. My gap is to have the rent, fees, and utilities through October 2009. It’s really simple, and if I had the account to draw on, I would do this in a heartbeat. I am working everyday to make up this gap, and get this done. I am open to discussing ways to accomplish this. I am even open in taking on direct partners on a Salem Campus project. Like I said, I have a gap of $25,000., which is the difference between success and assured failure.

I believe this still can be done, and will be done. It is a matter of when, and more if then I like. Certainly, Salem will continue to mature with or without Witch School. Witch School will also develop with or without Salem, The question is do they go together?

Ed Hubbard
CEO, Witch School International