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People are Talking January 31, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

It’s Day 31 of my position as the Head of WSI, Inc. It is a much harder job then any I have ever done. A large part is I am inheriting a culture that has a lot of belief in the mystical, which is appropriate. It does not accept that it has accomplished a lot through perseverance and critical thinking, as well as developing natural thought. It is thought everything happens by magick alone. It’s tough because it is hard to get people talking.

Fortunately, I have got people talking again. I am deeply grateful for that. One month ago talking was not part of this culture, it had been not possible to get information across. One month later, people are talking and telling me what they think. This is the most crucial aspect. Without it the rest is meaningless.

I have done questionnaires and received back 250 of them, and they had a lot to say. Shareholders are talking and the Board is talking. Better yet, people are also acting. The social Network team is already at work improving communication, mentors are improving communication with students, and so many other things are happening now.
The Volunteer Guild is up and running.

In the midst of this, I received a email from someone who joined the site, and saw my last global. Here it is Turn to God before its too late!!! God loves you! This is God not god. I can not believe you would want pagan leaders??? Please do not email again, I had no idea until I got this newsletter!” and that email had it pegged. Witch School is all about developing Pagan Leaders. Not quiet followers, not sheeple, not little adherents to an old idea of God. It’s about bold people doing great things on a personal basis.

It is hard to comprehend my core belief, and that is “I am God, your are God, We are God”. That God lives in everything we do, and we accept that other people see God as different from the way I view God. That’s okay with me as God is infinite in capacity, infinite in wisdom, and infinite in understanding. In no way can I comprehend everything that God as a force in the Universe (Multiverse) and the complexity and depth that can mean. So everything I do, if I am a true leader, is develop people.

So it as the last part I have noticed today. People were apologetic for differing on me in opinions. The Salem Project has people on both sides of the possibilities, and actually there seems to be four sides really. They felt if they disagreed or took a different opinion then me that I would be offended. I am never offended by people being honest in their words, as long as they are part of the solution, especially when I ask for it. It’s that simple.

After 30 months, a crisis that I faced is coming to an end. What began that crisis was simply people who felt they were in charge and wanted to limit free speech and communication. Today, I still stand and the ones who began the conflict, sought to deny the open communication have had their physical temple closed, foreclosed on. They sought to control speech and stem the tide that I had begun, by silencing me. Here I stand and here I will stay, and the good news is the conversation has begun again. It feels good to hear it.

So keep talking. It is God speaking through us all.

Ed Hubbard

Blessings of Imbolc/Lughnassadh January 30, 2009

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Dear Members

Merry Meet! It is my hope that you find your celebrations of Imbolc and Lughnassadh. It is a wonderful world, and we are continuing to see how amazing it always is. Right now there is a lot of fear and anger of how the economy has changed, and people are hurting. We at Witch School know that and we will are always looking for ways to extend a helping hand. In this eNews we will offer some programs, including a new Member Referral Program that can help.
For those who want to see the Clean Sweep DC Ritual held Jan. 19th, in the US Capital, you can check it out in a Magick TV exclusive, at http://www.youtube.com/magicktv. The ritual is one hour and twenty minutes.

For basic members who really want to know what Witch School offers to supporting members, they can check it out by using our Gift Code of “CBD7”, which can be entered on the login page. This will give them a month of full usage to see what Witch School is like and how useful the site really is. Also you can share this code anywhere you like as this is available to everyone.

One reason to check out the whole of Witch School is that we have a new course, as announced and was slightly delayed. The course is now available “How to get Better Press”, and is available to all supporting members.

We have lowered the yearly membership to $19.99, while restoring the Unlimited Access Lifetime Membership to $99.99. The Unlimited Access Lifetime Membership was originally limited to 10,000 members, and after 7.5 years we are reaching that goal. We have only 783 left. Once those are sold, we will be changing the terms of future lifetime memberships. But those who purchased these lifetimes will have unlimited access to WitchSchool.com for life. It really is that simple and a promise we have kept since September 4th, 2001.  To purchase memberships: http//www.witchschool.com/main.asp
In order to help those who have their own websites, (Yahoo Groups, Myspace, and Facebook do not count) we have set-up a Membership Referral Program. In this we offer you the direct opportunity to offer Witch School Subscriptions, and earn up to 25% commission. The program is very simple and straightforward, and was created to help our members, our mentors, our temples, our friends, and anyone who believe in what we at Witch School do. You can find out more and apply at: http://www.witchschool.biz

The Witch School International Volunteer group continues to organize and are working on strategies and ways to be of service. They are planning to help Pagan Pride this year in a big way, and have a lot of different projects underway. They are also organizing to create a response plan to events. If you are interested you can join the guild by clicking through to: http://www.yahoogroups.com/groups/witchschoolvolunteerguild
We have also built a new team called the WSI Social Network Team. The idea behind the team is to help our members connect any way they want, across different social networks, including Youtube, Myspace.com, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Blog of Shadows, and many other sites. The desire to be able to communicate across multiple platforms is very important to us. If you think you may be interested in joining this volunteer group and have special skills in social networking let us know. We are especially interested in anyone with Ning experience. Contact us by email to me at Ed@witchschool.com

In a special note, Tony Jenkins, our latest member of our staff has upgraded our Myspace page and is looking for comments and of course friends. You can check it out at http://www.myspace.com/witchschool
Virginia, Reanna, and Tony have upgraded the store at WitchSchoolstore.com, and if you own a store or do fairs and want to carry our products, just email Virginia@witchschool.com and she will send you a catalog. You can also call her at 217-748-4078. If you are a store, and are looking at our products, let us know and we may be able to extend you 30 to 60 day credit terms. After all, we know our products are desired, and you will sell them.

I thank you for taking the time to read this. With the crisis ahead of us, Witch School continues to be a community builder and support to Pagan leaders and our membership. We will continue to offer quality education, and opportunities to really build communities locally, regionally, and globally. We are always looking to build trust and create confidence, and we do it on a daily basis.

Thank you for all you support. Blessed Be!

Ed Hubbard

PS: Want to know what is happening with me, check out my CEO blog at Witchschool.wordpress.com

Advise Needed on Salem Campus Project January 29, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

Today I sent a letter to shareholders and the Board of Directors about a opportunity in Salem. I am also sharing it with you as well, for advise:

Dear Board of Directors and Shareholders,

As part of my continued desire to be open with Witch School, and to continue to work towards being the best community builders and educators we can, I am coming to ask advise more often. This has been my promise since I took Chairman and CEO position Jan. 1st, 2009. In that vein, I have a definite neeed of advise and potential support on a project called Salem Campus.

Basically, Salem Mass. is know as Witch City and is the highest level of Wiccans in the world. Also it is the Halloween capital of the world, and does tremendous business. We have been looking at a campus for Salem as a way to teach live classes, and also add live classes by Internet Television. Last year, The Board voted on allowing me to see if we can form a subsidiary. We found an exceptional space, but in the end, I decided to walk away from it, as the economy changed. I decided that we needed to focus on the school itself, and those efforts have been paying off.

Today, I received a offer for 209R Essex Street, Salem, Mass. that gives us three months upfront free rent, and then the regular discounted rent of $3,000 a month for several years to come. This is an old children’s museum that is already at Code of the highest level in Salem and cleared by building and fire inspectors as being in code, with some very minor changes for our use. It is in many ways the perfect space. It’s a extremely tempting offer, and would allow us to do more in the area of offering more live classes.

The second aspect is there is no permanent temple space in Salem, and this is a big issue. Thousands of Wiccans live in Salem, and also ten’s of thousand visit, and they have no dedicated space. They tend to use stores, apartments, or rent the old town hall space. While Maryann and I were there in October everyone complained about this, and we see this space as a solution for local groups, Correllian’s, and visiting people to experience a real working temple that would share this space. We could offer up our rituals (and even film and broadcast them) as well as offer rental space to others.

The third aspect is that this would give space to offer more crafts and products from across the community. We can host Pagan Expo’s during the year, and as we already are moving into manufacturing, distribution, and wholesaling products, this would give us a exceptional platform to show that to potential buyers from around the world that visit.

The fourth aspect is that I have talked with most of the major authors, writers and leaders that people want to see and meet, have stated a strong interest in visiting a Salem Campus. If this proves true then we can provide classes from them both live and online, and by filming make them available to all students for years to come. Lifetime means lifetime education, and this is just one more piece.

Now, Rev. Don Lewis and I have discussed this in some detail as to his role. He would most likely, if we decide to proceed, move to Salem for this year, and manage both the school and ritual aspects. He would teach several days a week, and also be able to complete his long term project of filming the lessons for people. From Salem, with it’s deep pool of talent, and great space, he could take Magick TV to the next level.

I do believe that Salem, The Witch City, could give us a exceptional position to provide services to our members and increase our cash flow so we can provide for a stronger future. As you can see we have done a good job of providing education (Today my own class I am teaching has gone up “How to get Better Press?”) and also our interviews and filming of events has gained us a lot more acceptance in the community. This would be a big bold move.

Okay, now that I have discussed all of why we should do this, let me offer the reason I was willing to walk away before this generous offer. First I did not want to have a two-three month buildup to summer and the tourist season, which would have cost money. Second, I cannot guarantee anything; I just can go by what has happened in the past. Third, do we really need a campus? Do we really need something in a more urban area and a area so highly identified with Witches? Fourth, If we don’t do this would someone else? And in the case of three and four, I have said it would be nice, but I am not sure it is best for our shareholders and members.

If we are wrong, then this would have a drag of approx. $4,000 a month drag on us, at a time when the economy is heading towards a deep recession. If I am right, and this matches several other businesses in the area we are looking at earning of above $300,000 a year, with half of that in October.

Last, in order to do this, I will need approx. $6,000 to provide a deposit, equipment, and first few months operating expenses. I would need to take a loan (probably private as banks are not lending), sell shares, or even sell direct investment into Salem Campus at a rate of $1,000. for 1% of the business. I certainly cannot divert funds from Witch school general funds easily right now, as our memberships do not allow for that. (One reason for the current change in memberships to $19.99 yearly and $99.99). If I could sell out the lustration we could also have the money (150 People). It could be a combination thereof. I am opening to finance plans for this.

So basically I am at a crossroads, and this is probably the single most important decision I have had to make since I began Witch School. To do this may be a risk but there is risk in not doing it. In this, I could use advise from you as you are part of the Witch School Community, and in fact, the owners and stakeholders thereof.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for listening.

Ed Hubbard

Witch School and the Recession Part 2: Social Networking and Volunteer Guild January 28, 2009

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Yesterday, I wrote about Member Referral Program, as a way to share revenue with our members. This is one way we can help in the recession. Since I wrote that, there was an announcement that another 73,000 US Jobs were being cut from major companies, and unemployment has skyrocketed. I expect that many many more people have lost their jobs without the US population knowing about it.

So I want to talk about the New Social Network Team as part of the answer of Pagans stimulating the economy, and also how the Witch School International Volunteer Guild can help. They are tied in together in my mind as another part of solving problems we will face shortly.

The Witch School Social Network Team is a new group of volunteers and staff that will look to put to work the extensive assets of the Social Web. Witch School has literally hundreds of connections from the Website, to our Flagship epaper the Daily Spell, to Yahoogroups,to Clubs, to Myspace Pages, Facebook Pages, Youtube Video’s, and even it’s own Blog Hosting site, called Blog of Shadows. Further we have smaller site presence such as Howcast.com (how to video’s), PaganSpace.net, etc. All of this was under different people each doing their best to get the message and work with those communities. What made it even harder is that people are spread out geographically, with people in 74 different countries, and a concentration of people, in the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, and Denmark. To keep track of this has become an enormous task and to use effectively even more difficult.

I have even been contacted about even more Social Web aspects we can use, and this led me to pulling together a team whose primary job is to help connect all these groups and all these resources to help people. Even if all we can offer is solace, then that is something.  I want to get information and know the state of our community. I want to know what happens in our community, and I want to know what assets we have to solve problems with. The Social Network Team will be the source of that information. It will be the lifeline for dealing with the problems we face collectively and individually. It is my hope that these individuals of this team will help create a better social network, one that moves information and helps create possibilities for future growth as well as problem solving.

Now one asset we have, that begun last year, for the Social Network Team to interact with will be The Witch School International Volunteer Guild. The Guild has been organizing and doing amazing things. From adopting highways to a multi-level project in British Columbia that just blows the mind. As the volunteer group organizes, it needs to communicate with members and the outside world. They need to be able to get volunteers to assist with projects, and they also need to know what we need done. The Guild has been working diligently, with no financing to build an international social net to help people and projects as the can. With the Social Networking team in place, we can help overall, using meager tools with the best possible use to get the most out of them. We are bootstrapping ourselves, and we barely have enough leather to cover our souls, I mean soles. So together The Social Network Team creating better communication and the Volunteer Guild acting towards providing assistance in the physical world, I anticipate that we will be able to help our members to a higher degree in the upcoming year. It really all depends on how many can help?

Ed Hubbard
CEO, WSI, Inc.

PS Magick TV hit a milestone and has 5,000 subscribers. Congrats to Don and everyone who has helped make Magick TV a useful service to the community.

Witch School and the Recession January 27, 2009

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Witch School and the Recession

This my 26th Day of actually being CEO of WSI, Inc., has been a tough road. Witch School was damaged by the Recession in the fourth quarter. It was unexpected, and it created several situations, which we are dealing with. One of them is keeping our costs down and the other is improving our product lines. But for the biggest part Witch School as a community has been dealing with recession like economy since it’s beginning. This is because as a whole the Pagan economy is a weak one, and barely exists in a substantial way. We are little more than a blip in the overall economic structure of the USA and the World.

In order to deal with the recession, we have lowered the yearly membership to $19.99, while restoring the $99.99 for a lifetime membership. In order to further deal with this, I have seen a need for economic stimulus for Pagans. To help this we are creating two programs, The Member Referral Program and the second is Social network team.

The Membership Referral Program will allow people with websites to earn extra income by offering memberships to Witch School through their sites. We have begun a pilot program last week, and we are opening it up to the entire WSI population in stages. In a nutshell, Maryann acting as Program Administrator will accept applications, approve them or not, and then she will provide buttons which will have a unique code. If people buy memberships by using these buttons then we will pay $4.00 per yearly and $25.00 for a lifetime. This is a great way we can share what we do with those who support us. We are hoping that this will help groups and communities across the world. This program already has a European and South African Members as well as USA.

To Join or find out more goto: http://www.witchschool.biz

By creating a program like the Member Referral Program, we are hoping that we can further create the win-win attitude we feel so strongly about at witch School. How can we continue to do better by our members? How can we provide a better service?  This program offers us a way to help.

Part of what we are hoping by having more supporting memberships is improvements to the website, and also to improve our equipment for Magick TV. We have done a good job covering and interviewing people, and the recent DC Ritual and Livingston Parish Anti-Discrimination Case shows, that the Pagan community wants to have their community to have news. This is just one area and example of what we want to improve this year.

The recession in the United States and in other parts of the world is no joke for Pagans who already were in recession-like situation already. Many of our members already live in fear of their jobs, and others simply live at the economic fringes already. So anything we can do to stimulate and help develop the Pagan economy will be of great importance. We cannot do as much as we like but we can offer this service, Membership Referral Program to the community. It may help.

Next time: Witch School and the Recession, Part 2: The Social Network Team.


Obama, DC Ritual and Soft Power January 24, 2009

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Soft power is the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes one wants through attraction rather than coercion or payment. A country’s soft power rests on its resources of culture, values, and policies. – John Nye, Jr., Harvard Professor

I went to Washington to cover the DC Animating Democracy, and to film it for Magick TV. My recent trip to Washington left me in a car for 36 hours with Don and our new employee, Toni. The ritual lasted 90 minutes, and we spent the night, riding out of Washington DC just before the Inauguration began. We listened to the Inauguration and finally President Obama’s Inaugural Speech, while passing through the Cumberland Gap and arriving at the Eastern Continental Divide as he completed that speech. I was deeply moved by it. I was (and am) very proud to be an American, and someone who has been part of Obama’s rise from unknown State Senator to President, all within a five year period. It happened in my backyard, and it was the most unlikely thing in history. It left me full of wonder, and joy to be alive in the world today where anything is possible.

In this emotion, and as Eris’s favorite son, I saw that change is a thing we live with constantly. We also live with the idea of community and power, and how do we change the events around us. In the speeches I heard a concept that I have studied a while, that was laid out by John Nye, a Professor at Harvard, that we needed Soft Power to be used with Hard Power to win the battle against terrorism. Hard Power is the usual carrot and stick psychology, offering rewards for good behavior and conflict for bad. This we all understand, and had been the core of the life we have lived over the last 8 years. But Soft Power is something that has always struck me as important, ever since I read the concept in John Nye’s Book, Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics, (Public Affairs, 2004).

But what is Soft Power? Put simply, Soft Power is the ability to obtain what you want through attraction rather than coercion or payment. It is something we do on a daily basis, but when applied at higher levels of society it can reap rewards from all who participate. It creates a environment of shared values and this creates opportunities for peace and cooperation. For John Nye, the missing piece in American Strategy under President Bush Sr. Term in 1990, was this concept of Soft Power. That we as a nation had ignored our ability to attract others through our culture (where it has appeal), our values (when we apply them without hypocrisy) and our policies (when they are regarded as inclusive and legitimate in the eyes of others). Our Executive Branch saw only Hard Power, Carrot and Stick, as our tools of handling other nations.

This concept of Soft Power and using it as a way to solve problems is part of the change that President Obama claims we need. In this I believe him.

What does this have to do with Witch School? Well it is part of the overall mindset that I have. Since 1990, I have believed that if people could see what Pagans were like, what we believed, and how we behaved that many unto many people would embrace the faith. Further that this would allow us to have significant change in how the world perceives Pagans. After all, I certainly was not going to hide my religion. So for me, the concept of attraction had begun.

In 2009, I have been proven to be correct in my assessment. The Pagan community has grown, and here is the kicker, The Community exclusively used Soft Power to bring the changes about. No violence, no physical wars, and no organized conflict that costs people their lives. Instead it is a movement, a revolutionary movement that has used Soft Power, our behavior, our beliefs, and our values to influence the population into acceptance of our positions. We are continuing development of this Soft Power as we have no need for violence. We will win our place in society by earning it, showing our value to society as a whole. We will demand our rights, through the courts, through the press, through our spending and through the ballot box.

Witch School teaches Soft Power. We teach a peaceful way, and to have peace you must convince everyone around you that peace is a good thing. If Hard Power is needed so be it, but Soft Power is something that serves us better longer and with better results. We are looking to change the world, and if we can even a little bit, then a little more peace and a little less violence exists in the world. That for me is change, and change is magick.

Ed Hubbard
CEO, Witch School

Witch School: Network, Movement, or Community, Part 3 January 17, 2009

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Hi everyone,

In the AM I will be heading with Don to Washington DC to film the Ritual. We will then hope to get it onto Magick Tv as soon as possible. This ritual will occur at 2:00 pm EST on Jan. 19th, 2009. It will have a lot of meaning and we will hope to share it with you as quickly as possible.

As you know, there is a discussion going on if Paganism is a community, movement or network? So I decided to examine the one portion of the community that is the Witch School International, and I have asked the question. In this I have seen us as a powerful network and movement. Now I will look towards community.

Chas Clifton gave us the Random House Definition of Community as a guideline, and we saw the three definition that is binding and true for us:

3. a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists (usually prec. by the): the business community; the community of scholars.

Witch School does percieve itself as a Learning Community. That we are developing a lifelong educational program, that it relies is heavily on a volunteer mentor system. These Mentors establish relationships, and helps create a network among teachers, mentors and students. The Witch School relationship is distinct and identifiable, and it is one that many share, where they may not be able to in their local community.

7. joint possession, enjoyment, liability, etc.: community of property.

We actually have many forms of joint possession. First we are a shareholder company with 116 shareholders to date. These are investors in the future of Witch School.

We have our stakeholders, the Charter Lfietime Membership, who believed in us, and invested ith us against a lifetime of unlimited of educational access. The fact that this membership will soon close as we are nearing our goal of 10,000 people (Only 834 left), will allow us to share a group ownership through unlimited access.

The Volunteers and Mentors have put in over 2,000 hours cumalitively a week in our system, and have put more than a million hours since we formed with the Daily Spell ten years ago. They have worked hard and invested time in creating a system that teaches.

Witch School is also ran by a Board of Directors that is voted in by the Shareholders, and these 8 people utimately run Witch School on behalf of all these shareholders, stakeholders, and members of the system.

So Witch School is a community owned by a distinct group, who see themselves as lifetime members of Witch School, and recognize that we mean it. It is a community held together in a dream of unlimited education and a lifetime of work yet to come. 
8. similar character; agreement; identity: community of interests.


Witch School Members are all people who are looking towards being better people, to have magickal lives, and to reach out and touch the wonder of the world. That we are a community of people who states clearly ‘That all Knowledge is Worth Knowing’ and then carry out actions to mean it. That lifts people up and offers them the same knowledge that we ourselves have and believe with our spirits that makes us a stronger person. That this changes our lives, and by changing our lives we can change the world.

That in order to build a better community we have all many of ways to share interests, skills, and provide even a volunteer group that reaches cities, states, and continents (and if you are interested, Check out the all the clubs at WitchSchool).
We are working towards being a real community, focused on knowledge, the art of teaching, the skills of learning and offering this openly and freely to people of all creeds, races, nationalities, sexual identities, abilities, and whatever comes our way. We are a distinct community in that we have a ten year plan, and a plan for lifelong action. This is our hope and prayers, our actions, our sweat, blood, and tears are poured into daily.

So is Witch School a community? I believe so, though small and fragile, early and needing much care, but yes a definite and distinct community. Every year we continue, every person we teach, every member we connect with, will continue to help us become a better community, in all it’s definitions. This is my one true desire in this world, to see this community be able to last for centuries to come.

It’s of course depends on how we do these early days, and how we continue to build our community. It depends on us all.

Ed Hubbard
CEO, Witch School

Witch School: Community, Movement, or Network? Part 2 January 14, 2009

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Hi everyone,

Since my last blog I went up to Chicago for our monthly campus classes with Don. Traci & Chuck Wood, High Priestess and Priest of Holy City Temple, and also Alan Salmi, a good and dear friend came out. Also we had 6 students on the awful weather. So we see that people want this material, and will come long distances in terrible weather to interact with it. My life is richer for it.

We are also likely to head to Washington by car to film the Pagan Ritual at Jefferson Memorial on the 19th. We plan to film it for Magick TV

So back to the idea is Witch School a movement. That is a question of our style and motivation. I believe that Paganism is a religious movement, and since I began in 1990, I have seen it grow and grow. Essentially, becoming Wiccan has many many parts and reasons for any given individual, but the fact it is happening in large numbers describes that a movement is occurring. Paganism is the 21st Century test to how far the freedom of religion will be allowed to go. Equal rights under all circumstances is the key essential emotion of the movement. We believe that anyone has the right to profess their religion, as long as they do not claim exclusive religious rights only to themselves. Open religion, Open faith, Equal Treatment is the cornerstone of the movement’s collective subconscious. It motivates us all.

Witch School was formed from the ULC Gaia, Parliament of the World’s Religions of 1993 and 1999, Chicago Pagan Leadership Conferences, The Study Groups of the 1990’s, The Roundtable Magazine, Psychic Chicago then Telepathic Radio, and the Daily Spell when the 21st century began. Basically public education and media merged on the Internet and Witch School was born. This birth was noisy and loud, and the project was born well.

Essentially Witch School is a movement looking towards building a permanent community. At the core, Witch School promises that it will teach you Wicca and Magick as best we can, and that if you do study this, you can discover a wonderful world with different choices and different ways of thinking about how we live. I believe deeply that teaching Wicca is a way to open the mind, and act as a conduit for allowing people to grow a relationship with Deity and for me personally, with Gaia. So teaching is important.

Right from my beginning in my first Pagan Church, the ULC of Gaia in 1990, I realized that I needed to teach teachers. Traci, Don, Kris, and I realized that from the number of people coming to us for education. So very early on we have been developing teachers, even while we ourselves were learning. We became the seeds of a ‘Learning Community’, and the belief in lifelong education. It was something that rooted deep within my heart chakra, and has been with me ever since.

So Witch School was born of a teaching movement, and it continues to do so. We still believe that we are the seeds of a Learning Community, that we can teach even as we learn, and that such learning lasts all of our lives. Our goal of Anytime, Anyplace, Anyone Education System is a fuel of a movement, as it looks to provide exceptional service to members while reaching out to new students and teachers. Schools are as good as their knowledge base and ours is growing globally, and that pursuit is examples of a movement.

So yes Witch School is a movement in education. We are part of the New Media and more importantly we are a major part of a new wave in education. We move people and we serve the public interest by teaching. Our duty is to provide public education.

With Obama to be sworn in just a few days, it is an exciting time to be a movement and part of a movement. Change is coming, and it means a new type of America.

Up in Part 3: Is Witch School a Community?

Ed Hubbard
CEO, Witch School

Is WSI a Community, Movement, or Network? January 12, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

Today I am focusing on a recent entry to my favorite online blog, Wild Hunt. This entry dealt with the departure of two online Pagan Personalities who left the community to become atheists. This is not what caught my eye, as this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many people leave the Pagan faith to pursue other interests. Instead what caught me was the discussion is if there is such a thing as a Pagan community. It is something I have said does not really exist yet, and my statement is that we are a movement. Surprisingly, the most coherent explanation is from Chas Clifton of the Hardscrabble Blog, and it’s in the comments that you see many people state they feel the Pagan community is more movement than community. It got me thinking. Is Witch School a community, a movement, or a network?

Witch School is a large grouping of people focused around the idea of teaching and learning Wicca, taught online, and shared around the central website WitchSchool.com. The community has over 200,000 registered members currently with 9123 Lifetime members, plus several levels of mentors. To further add to this, Witch School operates over 100 email groups, several social network pages such as Facebook and Myspace. In order to accent this WSI also operates Tarot College, Blog of Shadows and a video Channel called Magick TV. This is not all that Witch School is connected to but it makes up the bulk of our current outreach. This does not include real time study groups and physical outreaches that are being developed. We have so many different social parts that we have begun building a Social network team to help manage all of the connections that Witch School has created. All of this says that Witch School is a network.

As a network, Witch School reaches out and connects people to the concept of Wicca, of Paganism, as well as self-empowerment through these beliefs. We also connect people to each other, and with the Internet, these people are no longer limited to one local. WSI takes advantage of that and we have people in many countries, many locations world wide, as well as different spaces within cyberspace. As a network we are expanding and growing, and making new connections on a consistent and constant basis. Witch School International’s network spans the world, from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Witch School as a learning and educational network is even crossing into cultures and languages, with our material have been translated and being translated into many different languages. Simply put, there is no question that Witch School is a dynamic network that is performing a vital function and that is connecting people who want to learn about magick, Wicca, and Paganism to the material and people that can teach them.

The next question does Witch School qualify to be a movement and/or a community? I will tackle this question tomorrow in part two.

Ed Hubbard

Books, Courses and Patches January 11, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

In the last few days we at Witch School have been working hard to get everything in order. We asked a lot of questions (and more are on the way) and I personally have a image of WSI. It shows me a lot of dedicated people who enjoy the system we have built. It also helps me focus on what is important.

One thing we are working on is getting a Patch for Mentors, as a token of our appreciation, and to show the service they have given. It’s not much but it is something truly heartfelt. We expect to get them within the next 6-8 weeks.

This week we received our first copies of Living the Wiccan Life from Llewellyn. This is great, and we are happy to have it. Lady Krystel and then Debbe Tompkins took a hand in this, and Debbe took the inspiration of the course to convert it into a book. This has been the single most invested course we have produced, taking over three years to develop.

Yet, in a twist, the sixth book of the series is in jeopardy, the Tarot 101 Book because of contract negotiations have broken down between WSI and the author. I hope this will be resolved soon, but alas it may never happen. It would be a shame, and disappointing.

We also have several more courses under agreement, and I expect Witch school to add several more courses this year. Some short and some long. They will be much more community oriented and some may make their way into a book in the series, if they are good and if we are a bit lucky.

For me, I am weeks away from presenting an experimental course in ‘How to get better Press’, which answers a need in our WSI community. This has been a long time coming, and it will combine several elements together to teach about how the press works from a Pagan point of view. At the end of this 12-week course the students should be able to get stories in the press, and take control of their media and public image. I feel like I am sharing my secrets that have helped me get stories in almost every medium and on nearly every continent. With it, I hope that others can get great press for themselves. At least I hope so.

I am also looking for courses this year in Green Sciences, Recycling, and other back to nature concepts of better living. I am interested in sustainable living and things along this line. Also I am looking for other traditions to share their teaching with our students, as we have a lot of people who want to expand their minds and worldview. We have a student body that just is ravenous for knowledge.

So Witch School continues to expand it’s educational basis on a regular basis, and it will be cool to expand at a regular clip once more.

Let me know what you are looking for in education, and always Witch School seeks to bring the very best in magickal and Wiccan education.

Ed Hubbard