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Nature’s Little Recycler Indiegogo Campaign October 8, 2012

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Nature’s Little Recycler Indiegogo Campaign

 Our motto is “Bringing Nature and High Tech Together”.  At our core, we are seeking to develop green ways to live that allow us to pursue our dreams.  We do not want to look back to a mythical past, but rather look forward to a future that is developing into an amazing and evolutionary time.  Instead of discarding our increasingly powerful technological society, we are going to find ways to bring our desire for a green civilization into our modern culture.  As we develop, we will find ways to sustain our society, creating a richer, prosperous world for our people, our culture and our civilization.

Paganics is a name coined by Maryann Kay to represent the economics of the countryside.  This term is used to explain our basic concept of protecting and integrating our green spaces, while trying to save our society from inevitable excesses. In a world where everything is becoming a commodity, including clean air, water, earth, and fire, it is important that we recognize that the green world and its inherent natural technology are extremely valuable. Creating a synthesis with our daily lives is what Paganics, as a company for the next century, is all about.

Our first project, Vermiculture or Earthworm Cultivation, is a crucial step and the first building block towards our goal.  Earthworms are a major part of the earth’s living ecosystem, providing nutrients, aeration and composting for the soil from which everything grows. They are master shredders that can convert any organic material into rich compost. By consuming and then eliminating the waste product, they produce a material fundamental to the growing cycle. In a society with a huge accumulation of trash, topsoil deterioration, and basic nutritional needs lacking, Earthworm Cultivation is the bridge that can solve many aspects of these issues.  And as it solves these problems in a natural and green way, it can also provide jobs and new income for a lot of people. 

From the products of our Vermiculture project, we can provide composted soil for urban farms, greenhouses, and even large scale farms. We can offer natural products such as organic fertilizers and pesticides to growers.  We can provide proteins and omega-3 oils to aquaculture and animal tenders of all kinds.  Vermiculture offers opportunities for growth into multi-billion dollar industries by implementing an organic and green alternative to all aspects of agricultural and animal production.

We envision a more natural solution that can be augmented by modern technology to solve problems for existing industries, and that can be made more sustainable. This first step represents the kinds of projects that the Paganics Company plans to develop.  We begin with something as simple and yet amazing as the Earthworm to build a foundation for a progressive company and a greener world. This is what Paganics stands for.