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Social Media for Pagans: Pull Strategy March 6, 2012

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How to draw traffic to your sites, through using Social Media. Using a Pull strategy by using quality content.

Witch School and the Recession Part 2: Social Networking and Volunteer Guild January 28, 2009

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Yesterday, I wrote about Member Referral Program, as a way to share revenue with our members. This is one way we can help in the recession. Since I wrote that, there was an announcement that another 73,000 US Jobs were being cut from major companies, and unemployment has skyrocketed. I expect that many many more people have lost their jobs without the US population knowing about it.

So I want to talk about the New Social Network Team as part of the answer of Pagans stimulating the economy, and also how the Witch School International Volunteer Guild can help. They are tied in together in my mind as another part of solving problems we will face shortly.

The Witch School Social Network Team is a new group of volunteers and staff that will look to put to work the extensive assets of the Social Web. Witch School has literally hundreds of connections from the Website, to our Flagship epaper the Daily Spell, to Yahoogroups,to Clubs, to Myspace Pages, Facebook Pages, Youtube Video’s, and even it’s own Blog Hosting site, called Blog of Shadows. Further we have smaller site presence such as Howcast.com (how to video’s), PaganSpace.net, etc. All of this was under different people each doing their best to get the message and work with those communities. What made it even harder is that people are spread out geographically, with people in 74 different countries, and a concentration of people, in the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, and Denmark. To keep track of this has become an enormous task and to use effectively even more difficult.

I have even been contacted about even more Social Web aspects we can use, and this led me to pulling together a team whose primary job is to help connect all these groups and all these resources to help people. Even if all we can offer is solace, then that is something.  I want to get information and know the state of our community. I want to know what happens in our community, and I want to know what assets we have to solve problems with. The Social Network Team will be the source of that information. It will be the lifeline for dealing with the problems we face collectively and individually. It is my hope that these individuals of this team will help create a better social network, one that moves information and helps create possibilities for future growth as well as problem solving.

Now one asset we have, that begun last year, for the Social Network Team to interact with will be The Witch School International Volunteer Guild. The Guild has been organizing and doing amazing things. From adopting highways to a multi-level project in British Columbia that just blows the mind. As the volunteer group organizes, it needs to communicate with members and the outside world. They need to be able to get volunteers to assist with projects, and they also need to know what we need done. The Guild has been working diligently, with no financing to build an international social net to help people and projects as the can. With the Social Networking team in place, we can help overall, using meager tools with the best possible use to get the most out of them. We are bootstrapping ourselves, and we barely have enough leather to cover our souls, I mean soles. So together The Social Network Team creating better communication and the Volunteer Guild acting towards providing assistance in the physical world, I anticipate that we will be able to help our members to a higher degree in the upcoming year. It really all depends on how many can help?

Ed Hubbard
CEO, WSI, Inc.

PS Magick TV hit a milestone and has 5,000 subscribers. Congrats to Don and everyone who has helped make Magick TV a useful service to the community.