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Social Media for Pagans: Pull Strategy March 6, 2012

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How to draw traffic to your sites, through using Social Media. Using a Pull strategy by using quality content.

Witch School Regional eGroups Launched February 16, 2009

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Hi everyone,

Wow, 45 days have passed this year already, and that’s how many days I have been working everyone really hard. The Board, many of the mentors, and the staff have been worked, building many different projects to improve communication.

The regional groups, for people to find people in their area was launched over the weekend, and it has had a amazing early response. Basically, we are using a mature Internet technology that we have been involved with for more than a decade. We are using Yahoo Groups as a base for a network that we all understand, and that can get very local, and yet be operated global. Witch School was born of Onelist.com, the predecessor of Yahoo Groups, and we have been using this technology since very close to it’s birth as mass communication. We are now using this technology in a new way to reach globally and locally, simultaneously.

Now this isn’t very glamorous and cutting edge. I mean Twitter is hot (twitter.com/Witchschool), MySpace is cool (Myspace.com/WitchSchool), Facebook is amazing (we have one of those too.) The latest and best is Ning for creating Social Networks, (http://witchschoolinternational.ning.com/) Did you see the online trading cards, called PopCardz.com? Don is planning creating Witch School Celebrity Cards on that site. We have all sorts of the modern stuff and we are using it to reach out. Witch School staff and especially myself love to watch the net for the best and fun. We love to be using all these resources to reach global audiences. (If you like this stuff too, consider joining our Social Network Team.)

But for all their outreach, none of them has the very personal and stable way to create a network that must allow Global to local communications, local to local communication, and across lines of cities, states and provinces, countries, languages, continents, and even ideas and hobbies. Only Yahoo Groups gives us the tools, for free, and will be hear a year from now, and we have every expectation a decade ago.

We are using regional egroups  to create a way to reach into smaller communities and help. It allows us to organize electronically, in a way we are denied physically. Now after ten years of extensive online education, we are able to begin reaching back to physicality. Live classes and Video classes bring more of us together. So we have begun this wonderful and amazing expansion.

What are we doing with these regional lists? The vision of Witch School system is an anyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere education. We provide the best possible education for a new age, for a world that is potentially in crisis. We are focused on the future of our community and these lists help us begin putting our trained mentors, teachers, and community builders to work. It is that simple.

After all, Witches love knowledge in all its forms, and we have the strong interest in protecting it. Witch School International means we are going to be involved in communities around the world. We already are strong in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Denmark, and a lot more countries are developing strong communities as well. So we are reaching people and we have a lot of amazing talent locked up in our community. Our duty is to unlock that talent and have it used on behalf of improving individuals’ lives and our community through their own improvement. By sharing in personal growth, we grow as a whole community. By sharing knowledge we evolve as a society. So we are taking our next steps, and regional egroups are really part of that next step.

So I am really glad to see it begin working. We have a long way to go, a lifetimes worth of work, and this is one more step along that path. Actually several steps I think, and I thank everyone who is making this journey, this global and local manifestation of Witch School and her family and community.

Ed Hubbard

Witch School and the Recession January 27, 2009

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Witch School and the Recession

This my 26th Day of actually being CEO of WSI, Inc., has been a tough road. Witch School was damaged by the Recession in the fourth quarter. It was unexpected, and it created several situations, which we are dealing with. One of them is keeping our costs down and the other is improving our product lines. But for the biggest part Witch School as a community has been dealing with recession like economy since it’s beginning. This is because as a whole the Pagan economy is a weak one, and barely exists in a substantial way. We are little more than a blip in the overall economic structure of the USA and the World.

In order to deal with the recession, we have lowered the yearly membership to $19.99, while restoring the $99.99 for a lifetime membership. In order to further deal with this, I have seen a need for economic stimulus for Pagans. To help this we are creating two programs, The Member Referral Program and the second is Social network team.

The Membership Referral Program will allow people with websites to earn extra income by offering memberships to Witch School through their sites. We have begun a pilot program last week, and we are opening it up to the entire WSI population in stages. In a nutshell, Maryann acting as Program Administrator will accept applications, approve them or not, and then she will provide buttons which will have a unique code. If people buy memberships by using these buttons then we will pay $4.00 per yearly and $25.00 for a lifetime. This is a great way we can share what we do with those who support us. We are hoping that this will help groups and communities across the world. This program already has a European and South African Members as well as USA.

To Join or find out more goto: http://www.witchschool.biz

By creating a program like the Member Referral Program, we are hoping that we can further create the win-win attitude we feel so strongly about at witch School. How can we continue to do better by our members? How can we provide a better service?  This program offers us a way to help.

Part of what we are hoping by having more supporting memberships is improvements to the website, and also to improve our equipment for Magick TV. We have done a good job covering and interviewing people, and the recent DC Ritual and Livingston Parish Anti-Discrimination Case shows, that the Pagan community wants to have their community to have news. This is just one area and example of what we want to improve this year.

The recession in the United States and in other parts of the world is no joke for Pagans who already were in recession-like situation already. Many of our members already live in fear of their jobs, and others simply live at the economic fringes already. So anything we can do to stimulate and help develop the Pagan economy will be of great importance. We cannot do as much as we like but we can offer this service, Membership Referral Program to the community. It may help.

Next time: Witch School and the Recession, Part 2: The Social Network Team.